• Jewish Employees

Biographies of Jewish Employees of Deutsche Bank

Jewish employees worked alongside non-Jewish colleagues at Deutsche Bank since the institution’s first days. One of its founders (Ludwig Bamberger) and two of its first Members of the Management Board (Hermann Wallich and Max Steinthal) were of Jewish origin - as well as three Spokesmen of the Management Board (Paul Mankiewitz, Oscar Wassermann and Georg Solmssen).

The exact number of Jewish employees at the time of the National Socialist takeover of Germany is not known. Estimates say they accounted for at least two percent of the workforce, or about 340 employees. By the end of 1938, all were forced to leave Deutsche Bank's service. Some emigrated and managed to save their lives and those of their families, others became victims of the Holocaust.

To commemorate the Jewish employees of Deutsche Bank who were victims of Nazi persecution, a project was launched in 2021 to research their individual fates and document them by gradually publishing them on this website. The aim is to put a face to as many former Jewish colleagues as possible.