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Some older publications on the history of Deutsche Bank are no longer available from bookshops. However, these can be ordered directly from Historical Association of Deutsche Bank. Orders will be sent upon payment. Delivery is free for all orders over EUR 100. For orders totaling less than EUR 100 a p&p fee of EUR 3 applies. Items are generally delivered within five working days.

You can order these publications by post or e-mail at historische.gesellschaft@db.com. Please include your name, the invoice and delivery address, details of the publications you wish to order and the number of copies. In placing your order you accept our general terms and conditions.

Lothar Gall / Gerald D. Feldman / Harold James / Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich / Hans E. Büschgen – The Deutsche Bank 1870-1995

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1995, 947pp.
EUR 39.90

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Deutsche Bank – An Illustrated History

Munich: Piper 2007, 320 pp., approx. 500 images,
bilingual English / German
EUR 39.90

This book tells a story in pictures that could hardly be more colourful, diverse or replete with historical detail. It concerns the rise of Deutsche Bank from the times of the German Empire up to our era of globalization; it is about financial transactions that influenced the course of history, and about daring enterprises throughout the world. Above all, though, it is about the destinies of people who worked for the company, and about their everyday lives. These pictures reflect not only the evolution of a big bank, but also one and a half centuries of economic and Social history.

-Foundation in Berlin
-Head Offices
-Branches and mergers in Germany
     First branches in Germany
     First branches in Europe
     North America
     South America
     Acquisitions and mergers
-Business with institutional and private clients
     Firms and states
     Private clients
-People in the bank
     Everyday life in the bank
     Celebrations at the bank
     Faces of the bank
-The bank in public life
     Bank and politics
     Bank and culture
-Signals to the markets
     The bank’s logos
-Reconstitution in Frankfurt am Main

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A Century of Deutsche Bank in Turkey

Istanbul: Deutsche Bank A.S. 2009. 72pp.
EUR 14.90

Deutsche Bank engaged in international business from the outset. This book traces the most significant stages of Deutsche Bank's presence in Turkey, a story that could hardly be more colourful: the building of the legendary railway line from the Bosporus to the Persian Gulf; the opening of Deutsche's Istanbul branch in 1909; its sequestration and reopening after the First World War; the branch's final closure and liquidation in the aftermath of the Second World War; the opening of a representative office in 1954 and the development of the present Deutsche Bank A.S. and other Deutsche Bank entities.

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Deutsche Bank in East Asia

Munich, Piper 2004, 258 pp.
bilingual English / German
EUR 22.90

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Jonathan Steinberg - The Deutsche Bank and its Gold Transactions during the Second World War

München: C.H. Beck, 1999, 176pp.
EUR 10.00

Gold - robbed from central banks in occupied countries and from the victims of concentration camps - played a crucial role in financing the import of strategic materials for the Nazi war effort. Most of the Reichsbank gold sales went to foreign central banks, but some gold sales were also made to German commercial banks including the Deutsche Bank. This is a report on the gold transactions of the Deutsche Bank during the Second World War. The report tells where the gold came from and where it went.

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Manfred Pohl (ed.) – On German and American Identity. Deutsche Bank in the USA 1870-1999

Munich and Zurich: Piper Verlag, 1999, 96pp.
EUR 7.90

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Manfred Pohl / Kathleen Burk – Deutsche Bank in London 1873-1998

Munich and Zurich: Piper Verlag, 1998, 142pp.
EUR 7.90

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Manfred Pohl (ed.) – Hermann J. Abs. A Biography in Text and Pictures

Mainz: v. Hase & Koehler, 2nd ed., 1992, 198 pp.
EUR 10.00

Published for the first time in 1981, this richly illustrated volume traces the life of the legendary banker Hermann J. Abs, who was Deutsche Bank’s spokesman from 1957-1967.

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