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General Overviews

Deutsche Bank. The Global Hausbank 1870-2020

Bloomsbury, 2020, 752 pp, 218 images, ISBN 978-1-472-97729-8

On the occasion of 150 years of Deutsche Bank three prominent, independent economic historians have documented the bank's history. Werner Plumpe from Frankfurt’s Goethe University focuses on the phase during the first wave of globalisation from the bank’s foundation in 1870 in Berlin until World War I. In his analysis of the extended period from 1914 to 1989, Alexander Nützenadel from Berlin’s Humboldt University explains the strong impact that developments in Germany had on the bank. And for the first time ever, the Oxford academic Catherine R. Schenk describes the period from Deutsche Bank’s takeover of Morgan Grenfell at the end of 1989 up until the present day.


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Deutsche Bank 1870-2010

Special edition for the Historical Association of Deutsche Bank, Munich: Piper, 2011, 256 pp., bilingual English/German
EUR 10.00

Deutsche Bank at a glance: This book gives a short chronological outline of the history of Deutsche Bank. Important events of each year from 1870 to 2010 are presented in a brief form. The text is accompanied by photos and documents as well as by a list of the members of the Management Board and the Chairmen of the Supervisory Board since the foundation of the bank. This brief history of the bank serves to provide quick information.

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