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Historical Review

Bank and History - Historical Review

The Historical Association of Deutsche Bank publishes an info letter several times a year. We would like to bring to your attention events in the history of Deutsche Bank that have, in one way or another, made history - in small or large ways.





Edition 2019/1  The Victorian internet (telegraphy) 
Edition 2018/2  Bankers and their wines
Edition 2018/1  Banca d’America e d’Italia (BAI)
Edition 2016/1  Bankers' mansions
Edition 2015/1  25 Years of Deutsche Bank in East Germany
Edition 2014/2 David Hansemann
Edition 2014/1  Employees in World War I 
Edition 2013/1 Choral Society and Orchestra at Deutsche Bank
Representative Offices 1973
Edition 2010/1 100 Years in Belgium
Edition 2009/1 Karl Klasen
Edition 2008/3 Fifty Years in the Middle East
Christmas and New Years Greetings
Edition 2008/2 Returning to the International Capital Market
Completion of the Northern Pacific
Paul Millington-Herrmann
Edition 2008/1 German currency reform in 1948
Edition 2007/3 Paul Mankiewitz
In memory of Gerald D. Feldman
Edition 2007/2 The American crisis 
Petrofina Bond 1958
Edition 2007/1 "Ring, ring goes the bell"
Edition 2006/3 Privatbank zu Gotha
Edition 2006/2

Schlesischer Bankverein 
Elisabeth Wust - "Aimée

Edition 2006/1 150th anniversary of Arthur von Gwinner
Edition 2005/3 50 years of electronic data processing
Edition 2005/1 What remained of the old bank 
Oscar Wassermann 
Alfred Herrhausen
Edition 2004/3 The big merger of 1929
Edition 2004/2 Women in the bank 
Our oldest employee 
David Hansemann house
Edition 2004/1 Thirty years under the sign of the blue square 
From the basement and vault 
From the bank counter to Bayreuth
Edition 2003/3 One man, one bank: Adolph von Hansemann 
Business with Russia 
Electricians in a hurry
Edition 2003/2 Deutsche Bank in East Asia 
Inflation 1923
Edition 2003/1 London debt agreement 
Baghdad Railway 
Bankers Trust 
Hermann Wallich

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